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Peters Valley Workshop, Summer 2014- Pixel to the Bookshelf

  • Peters Valley Craft Center 19 Kuhn Road Layton, NJ 07851 USA (map)

Peters Valley Workshop Summer 2014


Pixel to the Bookshelf: Making a book from the digital file to a bound book


This intensive workshop will take you through the entire process of designing a book from digital files to a bound book. A series of photographs or digital art will be laid out into a book utilizing Adobe InDesign and then printed using Epson printing technology. Participants will complete a proof layout to be reviewed by workshops participants before final printing. Upon completion each artist book will be bound before departing the workshop. Each artist book will be a case-bound book with a standard size of 9.5" x 10.5". No experience is necessary with InDesign or bookbinding but workshop participants need to bring a minimum of 20 digital files ready for layout.