Mission Clay’s Remains

Artist Statement

This work was created on a visit to Pittsburg, KS for my exhibition Thou Art… Will Give… at Pittsburg State University in the March of 2018. Rhona (Shand) McBain stated she wanted to take me to a location she had photographed between a guest lecture and my artist talk. She drove me to Mission Clay Company’s facility and joked about how much she thought I would like it. I was only geared up with a Canon 5DS, so I joked with Rhona that I would take color abstract images so my wife would allow some of my images on the walls of our home. Sure enough, upon arrival home I showed my wife the images and her first words were “I would hang those in the house.” Naturally, as we had friends over to our home individuals started to express their interest in the work, since it was different from my usual work. Here is a collection of work that was created in 1.5 hours.

Click on an image to see the full photograph.