Fake News: The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

This is my approach at recording history in the tumultuous times we live in. A historical approach to looking at the Presidency of Donald Trump and his claim of “Fake News.” These images are to serve in a historical context and not as a political statement. This project started on the Election Day and will continue until (TBD.)

I started by imaging only CNN due to the President’s verbiage and quickly realized I needed others as a comparative measure. The use of multiple news sources serves as a barometer and allows the viewers to view this in its historical context. Enjoy the ride! This is strictly a historical archive of the news events during Donald J. Trump’s presidency.


This project has culminated into a book project that will include three volumes. The first & second volume will be published in September 2019 and a few events are being planned around the release. The 1st Volume is from Election Night 11/9/16 - One year after Inauguration Day 1/20/18, it will be encased in a red cover with a foil stamped cover and is over 500 pages. The second Volume is from one year after Inauguration Day 1/20/18 - Mueller Report release day, it will be encased in a white cover with foil stamping. The final volume will be from the day the Mueller Report was released through the elections in November 2020 and it will be encased in a blue cover with foil stamping. Books will be available around August 25th for purchase online but will not ship until September 20th, 2019. Only Volume 1 & 2 will be available.

If you have an interest in hosting an event, around the release of these books, or throughout 2019 & leading up to the 2020 elections, please inquire with Eric Kunsman. Some locations are planning “Wheat Paste-Up Events” which includes prints from pages for certain key dates. The idea is to get this out into the public especially on Election Day 2019.