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Exposing Saints

ISBN 0-9765368-1-1

Exposing Saints takes you on a journey starting in NJ and takes you throughout the Southwest of the US. We start with low depth-of-field in NJ and work our way to higher depth-of-field once we reach Utah. The history of photography is also relevant with a whimsical humor about the potential photography saints one may call upon during their photographic endeavors.

Offset lithography and inkjet artist book.

Edition of 1,000 copies

Price: $35

Peripheral _Visions.jpg

Peripheral Visions

ISBN 0-9765368-2-X


Louis H. Draper, Selected Photographs

ISBN 978-1-939026-00-2

Lou was my largest mentor in my career and taught me more about visualizing a finished photograph and body of work, being a working photographer, and how to be an educator.

I had the honor to design and publish his book after his passing in conjunction with Mercer County Community College. I also had the distinct honor of working with Kamoinge and many of Lou’s friends on the editing.

Offset lithography printed and bound at Friesens.

Edition of 1,500 copies

Price: $75