Exposing Saints


Exposing Saints


The Roadmap to the Photography Saints of the United States
Photographs and writing by Eric Kunsman
ISBN 0-9765368-1-1

Exposing Saints is a playful narrative of words and imagery in relation to where a photographer may hope to find Photography Saints throughout the US. Each Saint is a direct reflection and inspiration of a particular photographic processes from the start of photography though the digital era. These Saints may be called upon in certain times of need by photographers in any location throughout the United States as their power sees no boundary. 

Each Saint is defined on the first page of their section and the following page is the map showing their location. One may notice that the further you move out west, the greater the depth-of-field becomes. Under each map is a photograph that the particular Saint may help one to create along with a prayer to call onto that Saints powers.

Every copy of Exposing Saints is numbered and signed by the artist in an edition of 1500.
Available only at Booksmart Studio & Eric's website!!!!

Here is an example of a Photographic Saint that you may wish to call upon.

Saint Bit
Saint Bit is in control of pixels and is the basis for working with data digitally. Wearing either black or white, his attributes are the compact flash card and Adobe Photoshop™. He is the patron of Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, and Terabyte. 

Prayer to Saint Bit
Dear Saint Bit, I ask you to bless me by either turning yourself on or off and repeating that action fourteen million times. As you create those pixels, please try to record the full range of the spectrum emitted. I know this is beyond your usual range of duties, but I am desperate. I do not have the time to record two exposures, one for each of the two extremes, and then finally montage them in Photoshop™. If you do not provide this for me, I fear I will have to remove the dust from Saint Halide, plea for his forgiveness, and rely on him once again.

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